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Department Graduate Student Awards History

Academic Year 2016-2017

Holly Brause (Ethnology) received the Frieda D. Butler Award.  She presented her talk, "‘Mechanize or Perish’: Reflections on Labor in the Cross-Border Chile Industry" at the Annual AGSU Symposium

William Taylor (PhD UNM Archaeology, 2016) received the Ruth Kennedy Award.  His talk, “Horsemanship, Environmental Change, and Early Nomadic Life in Eastern Eurasia” was presented in January 2017.

The recipients of the Harvey C. and Sarah M. Moore Fellowship this year were Emily Guerra and Felicia Katz-Harris (Ethnology), Stephanie Fox and Kris Sabbi (Evolutionary Anthropology).

Caroline Gabe (Archaeology) and Caitlin Ainsworth (Public Archaeology)  received fellowships with the UNM Center for Regional Studies this year.

The Hibben Recruitment Scholars this year were Grecia Perez (Ethnology) and Laura Steele (Archaeology).

The Second Year Hibben Scholars were Roudina Radja (Ethnology) and Lyneve Begay (Public Archaeology).

The Hibben Continuing Scholars this year were Blaire Topash-Caldwell (Ethnology) and Katherine Williams (Archaeology).

The Senior Hibben Awards were granted to Rafael Guerra (Archaeology), Erin Hegberg (Archaeology), and Katelyn Rusk (Evolutionary Anthropology).

This year the recipients of the Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies Public Policy Fellowship were Olga Glinskii and Roudina Radja.

Caitlin Ainsworth was awarded the David Stuart Scholarship for Graduate Students in Public Anthropology.

The Broilo Basehart Memorial Endowment Scholarship was awarded to Martin Pfeiffer (Ethnology).

The Karl Schwerin Graduate Fellowship in Ethnology was awarded to Valerio Di Fonzo.

Department Research/Development Awards were made to Cyler Conrad (Archaeology), Cassie Smith (Ethnology), and StephanieFox (Evolutionary Anthropology).

Department Travel Awards were made to Paulina Pryzstupa and Jillian Jordan (Archaeology), Daniel Shattuck, Jennifer Cardinal, and Blaire Topash-Caldwell (Ethnology), and Drew Enigk and Edmond Seabright (Evolutionary Anthropology).