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David Dinwoodie

Associate Professor
Graduate Faculty Advisor, Ethnology

Photo: David Dinwoodie


At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • Language and Culture (ANTH 310)
  • Principles of Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 330)
  • Proseminar in Linguistic Anthropology (ANTH 510)
  • Topics in Ethnology: Language, Ethnicity, and History (ANTH 530)
  • Topics in Ethnology: Semiotics of "Ethnohistory" (ANTH 530)
  • Topics in Ethnology: Ethnography of Speaking of Native North America (ANTH 530)
  • Topics in Ethnology: Anthropology of Discourse (ANTH 530)
  • Theory in Ethnology I (ANTH 546)


University of Montana, Anthropology, BA 1986

University of Chicago, Anthropology, MA 1987, PhD 1996
Dissertation: “Reserve Memories: A Study of Historical Consciousness on the Nemiah Valley Indian Reservation”


Sociocultural anthropology; Linguistic anthropology; theory and history, ethnonationalism, neoliberalism, and historical consciousness; 19th century British colonialism; Pacific Northwest, Native North America, Canada

Recent Publications:

D Dinwoodie, 2006. Time and the Individual. In SA Kan and P Turner Strong, eds., New Perspectives on Native North America. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE. pp. 327-48.

D Dinwoodie, 2003. William Morgan (1917-2001): Navajo Linguist. Anthropological Linguistics 45: 427-449.

D Dinwoodie, 2002. Reserve Memories: The Power of the Past in a Chilcotin Community. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE. pp. 120.

D Dinwoodie, 1999. Textuality and the ‘Voices’ of Informants: The Case of Edward Sapir’s 1929 Navajo Field School. Anthropological Linguistics 41: 165-192.

D Dinwoodie, 1998. Authorizing Voices: Going Public in an Indigenous Language. Cultural Anthropology 13: 193-223.