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Undergraduate Honors

Each year several qualified anthropology majors are admitted to the Departmental Honors Program. The Honors Program is designed to provide intensive and personal instruction for selected students. For those who intend to pursue graduate or professional study it provides extra guidance, and it normally leads to cum laude at graduation.


The honors program is meant to intensify the student's knowledge in an area of specialized research and to learn to relate this knowledge to the broader concerns of anthropology through the dialogue of an optional seminar.  The program assists students in establishing individual professorial direction for the student's senior year and graduate plans (i.e., mentoring).


Students who successfully complete the honors program may graduate with cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude on honors designations on their diploma. The level of honors achievement is determined by the students research advisor and undergraduate advisor on the basis of grades and accomplishments in the honors program. Student work achieved through the honors program may also be considered for possible publication. Please submit your Assignment of Honors request to the Department Undergraduate Advisor no later than two weeks prior to graduation for verification and final approval.

Minimum Requirements

  • Overall grade point average of 3.2 at UNM

  • Registration with Department during the junior year.

  • Consultation and approval with appropriate faculty advisor for directed research project.

  • Recommendation of honors by faculty advisor (mentor) and department undergraduate advisor.

REQUIRED Course Work (in addition to 36 hours for major):

  • ANTH 498, offered fall semester only.

  • ANTH 497, individual research under guidance of faculty advisor/mentor OR ANTH 450, Research Methods for Undergraduates.

In these 6 hours, grades of two A's, OR an A and a B are required.

A copy of each students final honors paper must be deposited with the department office.


After obtaining approval for a research project from a faculty advisor (mentor), students must complete the Honors Program Application Form(instructions) and give it to the anthropology undergraduate advisor about 3 semesters (first semester of Junior year) before you plan to graduate. Enrollment in ANTH 498 (Honors Seminar) is required in the fall of the senior year, OR junior year (only if you will be graduating in the fall of your senior year rather than the spring).