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Frances M Hayashida

Associate Professor

Photo: Frances M Hayashida


At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • Archaeological Method and Theory (ANTH 120)
  • World Archaeology (ANTH 220)
  • Current Research in Anthropology: Food, Foraging, and Farming (ANTH 304)
  • Strategies of Archaeology (ANTH 320)
  • South American Archaeology (ANTH 321/521)
  • Topics in Cultural Anthropology; Archaeology: Conservation and Indigenous People (ANTH 340/540; ANTH 420/570)
  • Topics in Archaeology: Human Impacts on the Environment (ANTH 420/570)
  • Archaeology of Complex Societies (ANTH 529) (taught with Norman Yoffee)


Stanford University, Anthropology, BA with distinction 1984, MA 1984

University of Michigan, Anthropology, PhD 1995
Dissertation: "State Pottery Production in the Inka Provinces"


States and empires, political economy, political ecology, ancient agriculture and water management in arid evironments, human impacts on the environment, craft production, beer brewing, ethnohistory, ethnoarchaeology, archaeometry; Andean South America (Peru and Chile).

Recent Publications:

In press  Hayashida, F. Inka state pottery production: Insights from characterization studies on the north coast of Peru.  In Ceramics of Indigenous Cultures of South America: Production and Exchange,  edited by M. Glascock, H. Neff,and K. Vaughan.  University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.  

In press  Hayashida, F. and N. Guzman Leyendo el registro material del gobierno inka: Estilo, política e imperio en la costa norte del Perú. In El Imperio Inka, edited by I. Shimada.  Fondo Editorial Pontificia Universidad Católica, Lima.  Spanish translation of Hayashida and Guzman 2015.  

2017 Parcero-Oubiña, C., P.Fábrega-Álvarez, D. Salazar, A. Troncoso, F. Hayashida, M. Pino, C. Borie, E. Echenique Ground to air and back again: Archaeological prospection to characterize prehispanic agricultural practices in the high-altitude Atacama (Chile).  Quaternary International 435 Part B:98-113.

2017 Hayashida, F. Epilogue.   In The Archaeology of Human-Environment Interactions: Strategies for Investigating Anthropogenic Landscapes, Dynamic Environments, and Climate Change in the Human Past,  edited by D. Contreras, pp. 259-264.  Routledge, London.

2016 Parcero-Oubiña, C., P. Fábrega-Álvarez, A. Troncoso, D.Salazar, F. Hayashida, C. Borie, M. Pino  Sistemas agrohidráulicos de los períodos intermedio tardío y tardío en el Loa superior: El caso de Topaín.  Boletín de la Sociedad Chilena de Arqueología, 46:23-42.

2016 Parcero-Oubiña, C., P.Fábrega-Álvarez, A. Troncoso, D. Salazar, F. Hayashida, A. Güimil-Fariña, P. Mañana-Borrazás, M. Pino and C. Borie  Introduciendo orden en el registro mediante tecnologías no destructivas: experiencias en el estudio de paisajes agrarios prehispánicos en la región de Atacama (Norte de Chile). In Revalorización de zonas arqueológicas mediante el empleo de técnicas no destructivas, edited by V. Mayoral Herrera. CSIC, Madrid.

2015 Hayashida, F. and N. Guzman Reading the material record of Inka rule: style, polity, and empire on the north coast of Peru.  In The Inka Empire: A Multidisciplinary Approach, edited by Izumi Shimada, pp. 287-305. University of Texas Press.