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Lawrence Straus

Leslie Spier Distinguished Professor (Emeritus)
Editor, Journal of Anthropological Research

Photo: Lawrence Straus


At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • World Archeology (ANTH 220)
  • Stone Age Europe (ANTH 325/525)
  • African Prehistory (ANTH 327/527)
  • Seminar: What are “Modern” Humans? (ANTH 497/597)
  • Seminar: Pleistocene-Holocene Transition (ANTH 577)
  • Proposal Writing (ANTH 675)


University of Chicago, Anthropology, AB Honors 1971, AM 1972, PhD 1975
Dissertation: “A Study of the Solutrean in Vasco-Cantabrian Spain”


Paleolithic prehistory, paleoanthropology, archaeology of caves, lithic analysis; Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium.

Recent Publications:

LG Straus, MR González Morales, AB Marín-Arroyo, and MJ Iriarte, 2014. The human occupations of El Mirón Cave (Ramales, Cantabria, Spain) during the Last Glacial Maximum/Solutrean period. Espacio, Tiempo y Forma, Serie I, Nueva Epoca, Prehistoria y Arqueología 5: 419-432.

LG Straus, 2014. El Solutrense: 40 años de reflexiones por un arqueológico norteamericano. Espacio,Tiempo y Forma, Serie I, Nueva Epoca, Prehistoria y Arqueología 5: 25-34.

LG Straus, 2013. Qu’est ce que “le Solutréen”? In SERAP-Vallée de la Chaise ed., Le Solutréen 40 Ans Après Smith ‘66 (47e Supplément à la Revue Archéologique du Centre de la France). Tours, pp. 27-36.

M Meiri, AM Lister, TFG Higham, JR Stewart, LG Straus, H Obermaier, MR González Morales, AB Marín-Arroyo, I Barnes, 2013. Late-glacial colonization and phylogeography of European red deer (Cervus elaphus L.). Molecular Ecology 22(18): 4711-4722. doi: 10.1111/mec12420

LG Straus, 2013. Iberian archeofaunas and hominin subsistence during Marine Isotope Stages 4 & 3. In JL Clark & JD Speth, eds., Zooarchaeology and Modern Human Origins: Human Hunting Behavior during the Later Pleistocene. Springer, NY. pp. 97-128.

LG Straus, 2013. After the deep freeze: confronting “Magdalenian” realities in Cantabrian Spain and beyond. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 20: 236-255.

MR González Morales, and LG Straus, 2013. La ocupación gravetiense de la Cueva del Mirón (Ramales de la Victoria, Cantabria) y el contexto del arte paleolítico arcaico de la cuenca del Asón. In C de las Heras, JALasheras, A Arrizabalaga & M de la Rasilla, eds., Pensando el Gravetiense: Nuevos Datos para la Región Cantábrica en su Contexto Peninsular y Pirenaico. Monografías del Museo Nacional y Centro de Investigación de Altamira, No.23, Madrid (2012). pp.289-300.

LG Straus and MR González Morales, 2012. The Magdalenian occupations of the Cantabrian region (northern Spain). The view from El Mirón Cave, ca. 20-11 cal kya. Quaternary International 272-273: 111-124.

LG Straus, 2012. The emergence of modern-like forager capacities & behaviors in Africa & Europe: abrupt or gradual, biological or demographic? Quaternary International 247: 350-357.

LG Straus, D Leesch, and T Terbeger, eds., 2012. The Magdalenian Settlement of Europe. Special Issue. Quaternary International vol.272-273. INQUA/Elsevier Science, Oxford, UK. 361 pp.

LG Straus, and MR González Morales, 2012. El Mirón Cave, Cantabrian Spain. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, NM. 472 pp.