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Loa P Traxler

Associate Professor
Director, Museum Studies Program

Photo: Loa P Traxler


At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • Maya Prehistory and Archaeology (ANTH 376/570)
  • Museum Collection Management (MSST 476/576)


University of Pennsylvania, Anthropology, PhD 2004.
Dissertation: “Evolution and Social Meaning of Patio and Courtyard Group Architecture of the Early Classic Acropolis, Copan, Honduras”


the Americas, architecture and the built environment. Mesoamerica, Maya civilization. Museum studies, archaeological collections, cultural heritage and public museums.

Recent Publications:

L Traxler, 2012. Time Beyond Kings. Expedition 54(1):36-43.

L Traxler, 2012. 2012 and Beyond. Expedition 54(1):44-45.

TD Price, JH Burton, RJ Sharer, L Traxler, JE Buikstra, LE Wright, and KA Miller, 2010. Kings and commoners at Copan: Isotopic evidence for origins and movement in the Classic Maya period. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 29(1):15-32.

RA Goodall, J Hall, RJ Sharer, L Traxler, L Rintoul, and PM Fredericks, 2008. Micro-Attenuated Total Reflection Spectral Imaging in Archaeology: Application to Maya Paint and Plaster Wall Decorations. Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 62(1):10-16.

RJ Sharer with L Traxler, 2006. The Ancient Maya, Sixth Edition. Stanford University Press: Stanford, CA.

RJ Sharer and L Traxler, 2006. The Foundations of Ethnic Diversity in the Southeastern Maya Area. In F. Sachse ed., Maya Ethnicity: The Construction of Ethnic Identity from the Preclassic to Modern Times. Acta Mesoamerica. Saurwein Verlag, Markt Schwaben.

L Traxler, 2004. Redesigning Copan: Architecture of the Polity Center at the Time of the Dynastic Founding. In E bell, M Canuto, and R. Sharer eds., Understanding Early Classic Copan. University of Pennsylvania Museum Press: Philadelphia, PA.

L Traxler, 2003. At Court in Copan: Palace Groups of the Early Classic. In J Christie ed., Maya Palaces and Elite Residences. University of Texas Press: Austin, TX.

L Traxler, 2001. The Royal Court of Early Classic Copan. In T Inomata and S Houston eds., Royal Courts of the Ancient Maya Volume 2: Data and Case Studies. Westview Press: Boulder, CO.