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Suzanne Oakdale

Associate Professor
Convener, Ethnology

Photo: Suzanne Oakdale


At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • Cultures of the World (ANTH 130)
  • Indigenous Peoples of South America (ANTH 332/532)
  • Ritual and Symbolic Behavior (ANTH 333/530)
  • Theory of Symbolic Action (ANTH 536)
  • Life History Methods and Approaches (ANTH 540)
  • Theory in Ethnology II (ANTH 547)


University of Chicago, Anthropology, AB cum laude 1985, MA 1987, PhD with distinction 1996
Dissertation: “The Power of Experience: Agency and Identity in Kayabi Healing and Political Process in the Xingu Indigenous Park”


Sociocultural anthropology, personhood and agency, ritual and religion, autobiographical narrative; Amazonia, Brazil

Recent Publications:

S Oakdale, 2008. The Animals’ Revenge. In S Beckerman and P Valentine, eds., Revenge in the Cultures of Lowland South America. University Press of Florida: Gainesville, FL. pp. 233-41.

S Oakdale, 2005. Forgetting the Dead, Remembering Enemies. In GFM Rakita, JE Buikstra, LA Beck and SR Williams, eds., Interacting with the Dead: Perspectives on Mortuary Archaeology for the New Millennium. University Press of Florida: Gainesville, FL. pp. 107-23.

S Oakdale, 2005. “I Foresee My Life”: The Ritual Performance of Autobiography in an Amazonian Community. University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln, NE.

S Oakdale, 2004. The Culture-Conscious Brazilian Indian. American Ethnologist 31: 60-75.

S Oakdale, 2002. Creating a Continuity between Self and Other: First-Person Narration in an Amazonian Ritual Context. Ethos 30: 158-75.

S Oakdale, 2001. History and Forgetting in an Indigenous Amazonian Community. Ethnohistory 47: 381-401