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UNM Southwestern Field School 2013: Deann's Folsom Site, West Mesa, Albuquerque

Course Dates: Jun 03, 2013 - Jul 12, 2013

Instructor/s: Dr. Bruce Huckell

CRN: ANTH 375/575

Course Credits: 6

Field School Costs: Variable

UNM Tuition and Fees (Subject to Change): Standard tuition and fees for 3 credit hours (See registrars website for current rates)

Registration Fee: Not Applicable

Dr. Bruce Huckell directed the UNM Archeological Field School at Deann’s Folsom site on the Albuquerque West Mesa for six weeks of excavations and survey, funded by UNM and student fees.  This involved 15 UNM students and an APS middle school teacher.