Master's in Ethnology Curriculum

The Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology (SCALA) subfield offers a strong foundation in sociocultural theory, the anthropology of language, and engaged/collaborative anthropology. Students are encouraged to pursue research that addresses the concerns of the people with whom they work, while simultaneously contributing to the development of sociocultural theory. Key strengths in the Ethnology graduate program include cultural revitalization, language and communication, gender, ethnicity, nationalism, human rights, material culture, land, water, historical consciousness, public policy, and ritual. Methodological training in ethnographic fieldwork, visual documentation, and the analysis of speech-based interaction is regularly offered. 

Students pursuing the Ethnology concentration have two options. The first option is to complete a Master's Thesis under Plan I, but most students complete the second option Plan II, which is a non-thesis academic plan. 

FALL (1st Sem.)

(1) ANTH594 Professional Development
(3) ANTH546 Theory in Ethnology I
(3) ANTH Ethnology Methods Course
(3) ANTH Ethnology Seminar Elective

SPRING (2nd Sem.)

(3) ANTH546 Theory II
(3) ANTH510 Pro-Seminar Linguistic Anth
(3) ANTH Ethnology Seminar Elective

FALL (3rd Sem.)

(3) ANTH Ethnology Seminar Elective
(3) ANTH Elective 
(3) ANTH Elective
*Master's Comprehensive Exam
*Program of Studies due 10/1

SPRING (4th Sem.)

(3) ANTH Ethnology Seminar Elective
(3) ANTH Elective
*2nd-Year Plan of Study
*Master's Exam by 3/31


Total Credits = 34

The Master's Comprehensive Exam is due the Friday before the third semester begins. Students continuing on to the PhD must include a 3-page letter describing their doctoral plans with their 2nd-Year Plan of Study, due the 3rd Friday of classes of the fourth semester. Students admtted under MA status must formally re-apply to UNM if continuing on to PhD.

For detailed information about the Master's Degree, thesis vs. non-thesis plans, and graduation requirements please see the Graduate Student Handbook under the "Forms/Resources" section in the "Graduate" tab of the department website.