Graduate Program Curriculum

Graduate study in Anthropology at UNM involves a combination of required coursework, additional electives decided upon by the student and their faculty advisor, independent study, and advanced research. Detailed curriculum requirements vary based on the student's specific program. The programs offered are: 

MA Public Archaeology33 credit hours
MSPublic Archaeology39 credit hours
MASociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology 32 credit hours
PhDArchaeology48 credit hours + 18 dissertation
PhDEthnology48 credit hours + 18 dissertation
PhDEvolutionary Anthropology 48 credit hours + 18 dissertation


Generally, all programs require 12 to 15 credit hours of core coures accompanied by electives relating to the student's research interest. All students are required to complete the 1-credit ANTH594 Professional Development course their first semester. Archaeology and Evolutionary Anthropology students are required to complete the 3-credit ANTH675 Anthropological Research Proposals course before they begin their dissertation proposal. PhD students must complete the Language(s)/Research Skill(s) Requirement before advancing to candidacy status and beginning their dissertation hours. To complete the requirement, PhD students must demonstrate competence in either;

  1. One second language and one technical skill
  2. Two languages other than English
  3. Two technical skills (Evolutionary Anthropology students must complete this combination, Archaeology students may not use combination to complete this requirement)


Additional detailed requirements can be found through each program listed below:

Master's in Ethnology

Master's in Public Archaeology

PhD in Archaeology

PhD in Ethnology

PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology

For more information about each program’s curriculum, consult the UNM Anthropology Graduate Handbook and the UNM Catalog. You can also reach out to the Graduate Committee with questions.