Students are provided with a broad education and training in theory and method, with many opportunities for student research, either related to faculty projects or of their own design. The faculty is highly diverse in their theoretical perspectives, areas of methodological expertise, and regional specialization, giving students a wide range of opportunities to learn what interests them. UNM’s Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, Albuquerque's first public museum, houses many important collections from the U.S. Southwest and other areas, which are available to undergraduates for research. The archaeology program also offers laboratory training in lithics, ceramics, archaeofauna, geoarchaeology, and spatial analysis.  

Archaeology Concentration Requirements (36 Credits)

The following courses are required for the B.A. Archaeology concentration.

  • ANTH 1115 (optional)
  • ANTH 1211 (3 credits)—Archaeology in Practice
  • ANTH 1211L (1 credit)—Archaeology in Practice Laboratory
  • ANTH 2175 (3 credits)- World Archaeology
  • ANTH 320 (3 credits)-Strategy of Archaeology

Students must also take one additional course from group A and two additional courses group B for a total of at least 9 credits:

  • Group A: Technical 373-Technical Studies in Archaeology, 375-Archaeological Field Session, 473L-Archaeological Measurement and Laboratory Analysis, 480-Ceramics Analysis, 482L-Geoarchaeology, 351L Anthropology of the Skeleton, 451 Bioarcheology, 484 Zooarchaeology
  • Group B: Area (Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Oceania) 321-Southwest Archaeology, 324-South American Archaeology, 325-Stone Age Europe, 327-African Prehistory, 328-Near Eastern Archaeology, 371-Pre-Columbian Cultures of Ancient Mexico, 376-Maya Prehistory and Archaeology, 395 Paleoindians: Colonizing the Americas
  • ANTH 420T may be applied to the above groups A or B, depending on topic. (See department advisor)

In addition, a student must complete one additional core sequence within anthropology (Ethnology: ANTH 1140 & 330, or 310, or Evolutionary Anthropology: ANTH 1135 OR 1170 & 350 or 360), plus an elective from a third sub-field (at 200+ level), plus elective credits to complete the minimum of 36 credits in anthropology.

The general requirements for the B.S. with concentration option are the same as those listed above for the B.A. options, AND:

  • Concentration in Archaeology or Evolutionary Anthropology;
  • An advanced anthropology laboratory course or summer field-school of 3 credit hours minimum. This course is in addition to any other subfield lab requirements (see above);
  • At least 6 credit hours of mathematics as approved for the College of Arts and Sciences group requirements. The mathematics courses must be taken for a letter grade (not Credit/No Credit);
  • a minor in, or distributed among, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Environmental Science, Geography and Environmental Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Psychology.