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Anthropology is a premier program at UNM, central to the university's mission, and serving to enhance and strengthen public education in the state. The department creates, disseminates, preserves, analyzses, and applies knowledge about human sociocultural, biological, and lingusitic diversity and change in past and present environments. The graduate program in Anthropology provides diverse student opportunities for field and laboratory training, and produces new and exciting research and scholarship. Faculty and students conduct field research projects throughout New Mexico and the Southwest, Mexico and Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Basin.

The UNM Department of Anthropology is composed of three subfields: Archaeology, Evolutionary Anthropology, and Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology. Archaeology aims to understand the processes and contexts of human cultural and bological change from the analysis of material objects and residues. Evolutionary Anthropology seeks to understand how evolution has molded all aspects of human uniqueness and diversity. Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology affirms the unity of humankind and the universality of human rights, challenging the unfolding variations on racism through a commitment to multiple forms of critical inquiry. 

The Department of Anthropology offers the following graduate degrees:

Master of Arts in Anthropology

  • concentration in Ethnology
  • concentration in Public Archaeology

Master of Science in Anthropology

  • concentration in Public Archaeology

Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology

  • concentration in Archaeology (MA or MS on route)
  • concentration in Ethnology (MA on route)
  • concentration in Evolutionary Anthropology (MS on route)

Students must select from one of the four concentrations (Public Archaeology, Archaeology, Ethnology, or Evolutionary Anthropology) when applying to the graduate program. Master's Degrees are offered only in Public Archaeology and Ethnology, while PhD Degrees are offered in Archaeoloy, Ethnology, or Evolutionary Anthropology. Students in a PhD program may complete a Master's while on route to graduation.

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