Human Biology

What makes us Human? steph-in-lab.jpg

Explore our species' evolutionary history, genetics, anatomy, physiology, development and behavior in the new Human Biology Undergraduate Concentration.  Through self-tailored multidisciplinary coursework and research mentorship, prepare for careers in STEM, including Health Sciences.  Contact our undergraduate advisor Erica Henderson for more information at

chimp-pair.jpgCourses include:

Human Biology: Evolution, Life History and Health

Human Genetics

Human Evolution

Human Behavioral Ecology

Primate Social Behaviorfoot-strike.jpg

Anthropology of the Skeleton

Human Evolutionary Physiology and Anatomy

Hormones and Behavior


Human Paleopathology

Human Physical Activityhuman-activity.jpg

Population Genetics

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concentration in Human Biology

Research Labs:

Human Physical Activity Lab  

Human Evolutionary Genetics

Paleoecology Lab

Comparative Human and Chimp Physiology Center (CHmPP)

Kibale Chimpanzee Project

Human Family and Evolutionary Demography

Bridge Lab: Connecting Human Biology and Bioarchaeology

New Mexico Decedent Image Database