Human Biology

Human Biology is a dynamic, multidisciplinary program that provides students with an introduction to biological, behavioral, and health sciences, focusing on human health, behavior, genetics, and evolutionary history. With its multifaceted look at human life, it offers great preparation for medicine and allied health fields. Through a combination of coursework in Anthropology, Biology, Psychology, and Population Health, students will gain skillsets that will prepare them for future careers in STEM, including medical tracks and allied health fields. By accompanying our Anthropology major with a minor in Biology, Population Health, Psychology, or the creation of your own minor using courses from those fields, students can tailor this Human Biology program to meet their individual interests.

What makes us Human? steph-in-lab.jpg

Explore our species' evolutionary history, genetics, anatomy, physiology, development and behavior in the new Human Biology Undergraduate Concentration.  Through self-tailored multidisciplinary coursework and research mentorship, prepare for careers in STEM, including Health Sciences.  Contact our undergraduate advisor Erica Henderson for more information at

chimp-pair.jpgCourses include:

Human Biology: Evolution, Life History and Health

Human Genetics

Human Evolution

Human Behavioral Ecology

Primate Social Behaviorfoot-strike.jpg

Anthropology of the Skeleton

Human Evolutionary Physiology and Anatomy

Hormones and Behavior


Human Paleopathology

Human Physical Activityhuman-activity.jpg

Population Genetics

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concentration in Human Biology

Research Labs:

Human Physical Activity Lab  

Human Evolutionary Genetics

Paleoecology Lab

Comparative Human and Chimp Physiology Center (CHmPP)

Kibale Chimpanzee Project

Human Family and Evolutionary Demography

Bridge Lab: Connecting Human Biology and Bioarchaeology

New Mexico Decedent Image Database