Professional Journals

Journal of Anthropological Research (JAR)

Established at UNM  in 1945 by Dr. Leslie Spier as the Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, and renamed the Journal of Anthropological Research (JAR) in 1973, JAR publishes substantive articles emphasizing theoretically informed, original research in all areas of anthropology relating to peoples and cultures, past and present, in any region.  It provides a peer-reviewed vehicle of expression for anthropologists worldwide. JAR is also a leading publisher of timely book reviews.  Dr. Lawrence Straus, Leslie Spier Distinguished Professor Emeritus, edited the journal from 1995-2022. Professor Suzanne Oakdale has recently taken over the editorship in 2022.  JAR is owned by the University of New Mexico, and published by the University of Chicago Press.

Journal of Anthropological Research (JAR) Distinguished Lecturer Series

Human Nature: A Biosocial, Interdisciplinary Perspective

Established in 1990 by Distinguished Professor Dr. Jane Lancaster,  Human Nature: A Biosocial, Interdisciplinary Perspective is dedicated to advancing the investigation of the biological, social, and environmental factors that underlie human behavior.  To this end, Human Nature specializes in human evolutionary ecology, biology, and behavior. Papers published are based on evolutionary and life history theory, and the vast majority are empirical, involving substantive testing of theoretical predictions.