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Undergraduate Program Overview

Major Study Requirements (36 credits)

All majors are required to complete a general curriculum (18–20 hours) that provides an integrated preparation for study in any of the five anthropological subfields. This curriculum includes ANTH 101, two of the following sub-field core curriculum sequences and one additional 200-400 level elective course in a third sub-field.

Majors who select a concentration will take an additional 17 to 18 hours of concentration requirements and electives. The student who does not select a concentration must take the major requirements and can take courses in any of the subfields so long as appropriate prerequisites have been completed. In either case, 12 of the additional 17–18 credits must be upper division (300–400 level). In other words, there must be a minimum of 18 upper division credits in the major. No more than 6 hours of individual study or field research courses may be applied toward the major.

In addition to fulfilling the general curriculum and unit distribution requirements for the BA degree, students desiring a BS degree must concentrate (see below) in Archaeology or Evolutionary Anthropology, including an advanced laboratory course or summer field school of at least 4 credits in the major or the minor. To complement this science emphasis, they must also take at least 6 hours of mathematics (as approved for Arts & Sciences group requirements) and have a minor in or distributed among astrophysics, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth and planetary science, mathematics, geography, psychology or physics.

All students interested in majoring or minoring in anthropology are urged to consult with one of the department undergraduate advisors as early in their academic careers as possible.

Undergraduate Program Contacts

Manuel Lopez Ainza

For undergraduate advisement questions specific to your sub-field interest contact the following undergraduate faculty advisors:

Frances Hayashida

Catherine Rhodes

Evolutionary Anthropology
Jeff Long