UNM Undergraduate Anthropology Society

The UNM Undergraduate Anthropology Society is a group of undergrad students who are interested in the world around them. We work to provide a platform for anthropology majors, minors and curious folks alike to come together as a community of mutual support and inspiration.

The purpose of the Undergraduate Anthropology Society (UAS) is to promote appreciation of anthropology as the science that studies humankind in all of its aspects and to foster the use of anthropological knowledge in addressing human problems and conditions. The UAS encourages a multidiscipline academic approach as well as involvement in the campus and surrounding communities.

The UAS is open to all anthropology students regardless of concentration. Activities include film series, guest lecturers, social events and field trips, and bi-monthly meetings. There is no membership fee! To be added to the UAS mailing list simply email your information to the email listed below.  Please feel free to contact any of our officers for more information.

We provide resources for students to network, form long-term professional relationships, and gain exposure to professionals who work in the field. We aim to provide the tools that undergraduates need in order to be successful in, outside, and after their time at the university. UAS helps students find opportunities to gain hands-on experience, learn life skills, and gain exposure to the broad field of anthropology.

We also believe that we have the ability to affect change in the future of anthropology undergraduates here at UNM, and we invite students to join us in our efforts. Students can come to UAS for support, for social hour, or to find that perfect study buddy. Throughout the year we hold regular meetings, as well as hosting a variety of workshops, lectures and other events.

Goals of the society:

1. To unite undergraduate Anthropology majors, minors, and enthusiasts alike.
2. To promote interest and raise awareness in the field of Anthropology.
3. To provide a forum for students to socialize and gain experience within each subfield.

Mission Statement:

The Undergraduate Anthropology Society serves as a forum for the presentation and discussion of current issues related to anthropology, a bridge of communication between the Anthropology Department and undergraduate students, a resource for graduate or career aspiring students, as well as an academic support community for peer advisement.”

2023-2024 UAS OFFICERS

Serena Smith - President ssmith51@unm.edu 
My Linh Lucero - Junior Vice President mlucero14@unm.edu 
Eva Marques - Historian; Museum Studies Representative emarques22@unm.edu
Ella Thomas - Record Keeper ellapthomas2@unm.edu
Sandro Espinosa y Mann - Ethnology Subfield Representative sespinosaymann99@unm.edu
Bobby Rios - Archaeology Subfield Representative robertorios93@unm.edu
Isabella Silfverberg-O'Donnell - Chair of December Bake Sale Committee isabellamodonnell@gmail.com