Teaching the Anthropology of Food at the University of Greenland


Start Date: Apr 29, 2021 - 02:00pm

Location: Presented via Zoom

On Thursday, April 29 at 2 pm Dr. Les Field will present his talk Teaching the Anthropology of Food at the University of Greenland as part of the 2021 Spring Musicology Colloquium Series "Ethnography and Creative Process in the Arts." Register for the event here

Dr. Field's research in Greenland focuses upon the emerging relationships between the expansion of agriculture in southern Greenland, and food culture in the capital of Nuuk as anthropogenic climate change acceleratesHe and his new colleagues at the University of Greenland decided he would teach a class in Fall 2020.  Because of the pandemic, the class went on-line. 

Les W. Field (Ph.D. Duke University 1987), Professor of Anthropology at UNM pursues research in South, Central, and North America, in Palestine and in Greenland that hinges upon establishing collaborative relationships with communities concerning the goals, methods, agendas, products and epistemologies of anthropological work.  His research is explored in The Grimace of  Macho Ratón: Artisans, Identity and Nation in Late Twentieth Century  Western Nicaragua (1999) Abalone Tales: Collaborative Explorations of California Indian Sovereignty and Identity (2008), and Challenging the Dichotomy: The Licit and the Illicit in Archaeological and Heritage Discourses (2016),  edited with Cristobal Gnecco and Joe Watkins.