Alumna Dr. Jill Ahlberg Yohe co-curates Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

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Posted:  Nov 11, 2019 - 12:00am

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Original post 6/2/2019:

“Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists,” opening June 2 at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (known as MIA), will shine a light on over a thousand years of art made by Native American women. It rests on the premise that the role of women in Native communities has gone widely ignored in the mainstream American art world, and the United States at large.

From the beginning, “Hearts of Our People” was intended to bring greater visibility to Native women without compromising their Indigenous values. Organized by Ms. Greeves and Jill Ahlberg Yohe — an associate curator of Native American Art at MIA, and a non-Native — the exhibition has been shepherded along by an all-female advisory panel of 21 Native artists and experts of Indigenous art from across the United States and Canada.

The cohort of women that Ms. Greeves and Ms. Yohe assembled represents nations from the Haida of Alaska to the Mohawk of the eastern United States and the Canadian southeast. They have been involved in virtually every decision, such as determining the exhibition’s thematic structure and signing off on the artwork and texts for the extensive catalog. In doing so, they may have set an example for indigenizing the curatorial process."

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