Anna Rautman Awarded the Albert A. Dahlberg Prize

Departmental News

Posted:  Apr 11, 2019 - 12:00am

Anna Rautman, doctoral candidate in the Evolutionary Anthropology program, has been awarded the Albert A. Dahlberg Prize for best student dental anthropology paper.  Her paper is titled Childhood Variation in Skeletal and Dental Developmentand will be published in Dental Anthropology, official journal of the Dental Anthropology Association.  The journal is peer-reviewed and is published bi-annually, with a spring and winter volume.

The Albert A. Dahlberg Prize is awarded annually to the best student paper submitted to the Dental Anthropology Association (DAA).  Dr. Dahlberg was a professor at the University of Chicago, one of the founders of the Dental Morphology Symposia, and among the first modern researchers to describe variations in dental morphology and to write cogently about these variations, their origins, and importance.  The prize is endowed from the Albert A. Dahlberg Fund established through generous gifts by Mrs. Thelma Dahlberg and other members of the Association.