Anthropology Student Awards Announced

Departmental News

Posted:  Jan 15, 2019 - 12:00am

The UNM Department of Anthropology provides a number of student awards at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  We are pleased to announce our student awards for academic year 2018-2019:

Undergraduate Honors Scholarships (funded by the Ramenofsky and Graves Endowments): Kathryn McCollum and Alexander Greenia

John Martin Campbell Undergraduate Research Award: LyAndra Lujan

The Ruth Kennedy Lecture Award (Graduate):  Jennie Sturm (Archaeology)

The Frieda Butler Lecture Award (Graduate): Sarah Leither (Ethnology)

The New Mexico Folklore Scholars Award (Graduate): Nicholas Barron (Ethnology)

The Sarah and Harvey Moore Scholarship (Graduate): James Davenport (Archaeology), Katherine Brewer (Archaeology), Joseph Birkmann (Archaeology) and Martin Pfeiffer (Ethnology)

Graduate Student Travel Awards: Holly Brause (Ethnology), Alexis O'Donnell (Archaeology), and Kris Sabbi (Evolutionary Anthropology)