Congratulations to Jaque Kocer on her New Article in Kiva

Departmental News

Posted:  Dec 05, 2017 - 12:00am

Congratulations to Jaque Kocer on her new article in Kiva, a quarterly journal published by the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society.  Her article, Investigating Projectile Point Raw Material Choices and Stylistic Variability in the Gallina Area of Northwestern New Mexico, focuses on research conducted in the Gallina region of New Mexico.

Relatively little attention has been given to projectile point morphology and raw material use in the Gallina (AD 1100-1300) area of northwestern New Mexico. Analysis of projectile points among six Gallina sites illustrates the spatial distribution of general point styles and material choice across the west, central, and eastern parts of the culture area. The composition of raw materials within the Gallina culture area gives insight to the differential use of sources among the Gallina people. X-ray fluorescence characterization of obsidian Gallina projectile points allows for a fine-grained examination of Gallina obsidian procurement patterns from these sites across the culture area. Results of this study indicate a differential use of obsidian flows within the Jemez Mountains and some stylistic differences across the study sites. Furthermore, the collection and re-working of Archaic/Paleoindian points by the Gallina serves as a proxy for toolstone choices of these groups occupying the area prior to Gallina arrival. We also discuss differential use of materials, namely obsidian and Pedernal chert, with neighbors during the 13th century AD.

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