Drs. Ann Ramenofsky and Kari Schleher Win Book Prize

Departmental News

Posted:  Nov 19, 2018 - 12:00am

Drs. Ann Ramenofsky (UNM Associate Professor Emerita) and Kari Schleher (UNM Anthropology Alumna) were awarded the best 2018 Anthropology/ Archaeology book by The New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. Their volume, The Archaeology and History of Pueblo San Marcos: Change and Stability, was published by UNM Press in November 2017.

San Marcos, one of the largest late prehistoric Pueblo settlements along  the Rio Grande, was a significant social, political, and economic hub both before Spanish colonization and through the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. This volume provides the definitive record of a decade of archaeological  investigations at San Marcos, ancestral home to Kewa (formerly Santo Domingo) and Cochiti descendants.

The contributors address archaeological and historical background, artifact analysis, and population history. They explore possible changes in Pueblo social
organization, examine population changes during the occupation, and delineate aspects of Pueblo/Spanish interaction that occur with Spaniards’ intrusion into the colony and especially the Galisteo Basin. Highlights include historical context, in-depth consideration of archaeological field and laboratory methods, compositional and stylistic  analyses of the famed glaze-paint ceramics, analysis of flaked stone that includes obsidian hydration dating, and discussion of the
beginnings of colonial metallurgy and protohistoric Pueblo population change.   For more information on this publication, visit UNM Press