Kiva: Tijeras Pueblo at the Crossroads: Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and Public Education

Departmental News

Posted:  Aug 01, 2022 - 12:00pm

The special issue of Kiva​ entitled Tijeras Pueblo at the Crossroads: Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and Public Education dedicated to recent research, management, and public interaction at Tijeras Pueblo is available.  

It includes a series of papers including:
  • Tijeras Pueblo at the Crossroads: A Review of Previous Research and Site Significance by Sandra Arazi-Coambs
  • History of the Ownership and Management of Tijeras Pueblo by Jeremy Kulisheck and Cynthia Buttery Benedict
  • Rescuing Collections from Us: The Tijeras Pueblo Story by David A. Phillips, Karen Armstrong, and Karen E. Price
  • The Tijeras Pueblo Jewelry Project by Lucy C. Schuyler and David A. Phillips
  • The Community at the Crossroads: Artiodactyl Exploitation and Socio-environmental Connectivity at Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581) by Emily Lena Jones, Scott Kirk, Caitlin S. Ainsworth, Asia Alsgaard, Jana Valesca Meyer, and Cyler Conrad
  • Resource Distribution and Health at Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581) by Jana Valesca Meyer
  • The White Ware Pottery from Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581): Learning Frameworks and Communities of Practice and Identity by Judith A. Habicht-Mauche
  • Interpretative Strata at Tijeras Pueblo by Marc Thompson, Deborah Jojola, and Judy Vredenburg
This issue is dedicated to the Middle Rio Grande region and with an array of papers that brings forth Linda Cordell's (and others') work at Tijeras Pueblo alongside the long-term commitment to the management and public education of the site by the USFS and Friends of Tijeras Pueblo. Additional details and descriptions from Linda's excavations are also available thanks to the late Lou Schuyler's efforts as part of the Maxwell Museum Technical Series.