Larkin Chapman Wins Award from Patrick Orion Mullen Fund of the George Frison Institute

Departmental News

Posted:  May 20, 2022 - 12:00pm

Larkin Chapman, graduate student in Archaeology, has won an award from the Patrick Orion Mullen Fund of the George Frison Institute for her project  project Evaluating Association between Pleistocene Horse Remains and Clovis Occupation at Two San Pedro Valley Archaeological Sites.  

Patrick Orion Mullen Fund in Archaeological Science

mullen_125w.jpgThis fund is named after Patrick Orion Mullen, who was a doctoral student in the University of Wyoming Department of Anthropology. This fund provides assistance to graduate students conducting archaeological research with a preference for projects in Alaska, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Successful proposals will take a strong scientific approach couched within human behavioral ecology or human-environment interactions, and use one of the archaeological sciences, such as isotopic studies, archaeological chemistry, demographic studies, geoarchaeology, and mathematical and computer modeling. Projects incorporating public archaeology and aspects of heritage management are welcomed.