New Publication: Rabbit Exploitation in the Middle Paleolithic at Gruta Nova da Columbeira, Portugal

Departmental News

Posted:  Jan 18, 2019 - 12:00am

In a recent report in the Journal of Archaeological Science, University of New Mexico Ph.D. student Milena Carvalho, along with fellow researchers Telmo Peireira and Cláudia Manso set out to understand if the Neanderthal diet included small animals or does the widespread assumption, these prehistoric people only hunted large game and that ultimately contributed to their demise, stand as scientific fact. 

“What we really wanted to answer is how did anatomically modern humans (AMH) and late Neanderthals exploit their environments and adapt to environmental changes during the Upper Pleistocene,” said Carvalho. “This question is not only relevant to research on current human adaptation to global climate change, but is essential for understanding Neanderthal extinction and replacement by AMHs.”  Read the full UNM News article here