Paulina Przystupa Awarded Phillips Fund Grant for Native American Research

Departmental News

Posted:  May 09, 2019 - 01:00pm

Paulina Przystupa, Archaeology doctoral student, has been awarded a Phillips Fund Grant for Native American Research from the American Philosophical Society for her dissertation research that examines how changing views of childhood and ethnicity impacted the architecture and location of orphanages and boarding shools during the period from 1865-1935 in four areas in the US. Paulina has also been awarded a UNM Center for Regional Studies Fellowship for 2019-2020.

With the Phillips Fund for Native American Research Paulina will visit the National Archives and Records Administration branch in Seattle to finish reading and digitizing materials for two of the sixteen institutions included in her dissertation research. Her project explores how adults design buildings for the learning and cementing of cultural behaviors in children. Specifically, she investigates how changing beliefs about childhood and ethnicity affected the structural layout and physical location of white orphanages and Native American Boarding schools built between 1880 and 1935. Her work in Seattle will include primary document research and digitization, which includes scanning or photographing blueprints, designs, campus maps, and location maps for Chemawa Indian School and Tulalip Indian School.