Resource Distribution and Health at Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581)

Departmental News

Posted:  Feb 01, 2022 - 10:00am

Jana Valesca Meyer recently published her article Resource Distribution and Health at Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581) that investigates the mortuary remains and their health in the premier Southwest journal Kiva.


Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581) is a Pueblo IV period site in New Mexico. This study addresses two research goals: first, to examine burial distribution for indicators of spatial clustering, and second, to test whether association to such units affected resource access and the health of individuals. Using geographic information systems (GIS), I define spatial units applying Nearest Neighbor and Kernel Density Analysis. Osteological data, including age, sex, and health indicators, as well as mortuary data, serve to examine the interrelatedness between spatial units and resource distribution. Data stem from 55 individuals excavated from Tijeras Pueblo during the 1970s. Results show a significant clustering of burials associated with room blocks, interpreted as household units. No hierarchical differences between households were found based on burial goods, although some types of burial goods varied in frequency between the clusters. Differences exist in the frequency of linear enamel hypoplasia.