Bruce Huckell

Associate Professor

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At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • Archaeological Method and Theory (Anth 1211)
  • Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology (Anth 420/570)
  • Paleoindians (ANTH 395/595)
  • Geoarchaeology (ANTH 482L/582L)
  • Lithic Analysis (ANTH 522)


BA, University of Arizona (1972)

MA, University of Arizona (1976)

PhD, University of Arizona, Arid Lands Resource Sciences (1990)
Dissertation: “Late Preceramic Farmer-Foragers in Southeastern Arizona: A Cultural and Ecological Consideration of the Spread of Agriculture into the Arid Southwestern United States”


Hunter-gatherer paleoecology, lithic technology, geoarchaeology, Paleoindian and Archaic periods, US Southwest and Plains.

Recent Publications:

2022       Huckell, Bruce B., C. Vance Haynes, Jr., Vance T. Holliday, Gregory W. L. Hodgins, Lisa W. Huckell, and Gina M. Watkinson The Naco Clovis Site: Old Excavations and New Dates.  PaleoAmerica 

2021       Huckell, Bruce B., Joseph M. Birkmann, and C. Vance Haynes, Jr. A Buried Middle Archaic Site in the Tucson Basin.  Kiva 87: 23-53.

2020       Haynes, C. Vance, Jr., Bruce B. Huckell, and Vance T. Holliday Comments on the Lithic Technology and Geochronology of the Goodson Rock Shelter.  Paleoamerica 6:131-134.

2019       Prufer, Keith m., Asia V. Alsgaard, Mark Robinson, Clayton R. Meredith, Brendan J. Culleton, Shelby Magee, Bruce B. Huckell, W. James Stemp, Jaime J. Awe, Jose M. Capriles, and Douglas J. Kennett Linking Late Paleoindian Stone Tool Technologies and Populations in North, Central and South America.  PLOS ONE

2017    Huckell, Bruce B. and Christopher W. Merriman, Paleoindian Unfluted Lanceolate Projectile Points in the Upper Little Colorado River Valley, East-Central Arizona.  In Plainview, The Enigmatic Paleoindian Artifact Style of the Great Plains, edited by Vance T. Holliday, Eileen Johnson, and Ruthann Knudson, pp. 208-229. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

2016    Kornfeld, Marcel and Bruce B. Huckell (editors), Stones, Bones, and Profiles, Exploring Archaeological Context, Early American Hunter-Gatherers, and Bison.  University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

2016    Haynes, C. Vance, Jr., and Bruce B. Huckell, The Manis Mastodon: An Alternative Interpretation. Paleoamerica 2: 189-191.

2014      Huckell, Bruce B. and J. David Kilby Clovis Caches, Recent Discoveries and New Research.  University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.

2014      Huckell, Bruce B. But How Do We Know If It’s Clovis?  An Examination of Clovis Overshot Flaking of Bifaces and a North Dakota Cache.  In Clovis  Caches, Recent Discoveries and New Research, edited by Bruce B. Huckell and J. David Kilby, pp. 133-152.  University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.

2014      Huckell, Bruce B. West of the Plains: Paleoindians in the Southwest.  In Archaeology in the Great Basin and Southwest: Papers in Honor of Don D. Fowler, edited by Nancy J. Parezo and Joel C. Janetski, pp. 17-34.  University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City

2013      Kilby, J. David and Bruce B. Huckell Clovis Caches: Current Perspectives and Future Directions.  In Paleoamerican Odyssey, edited by Kelly E. Graf, Caroline V. Ketron, and Michael R. Waters, pp. 257-272.  Center for the Study of the First Americans, Department of Anthropology, Texas A & M University, College Station.

2013      Hamilton, Marcus J., Briggs Buchanan, Bruce B. Huckell, Vance T. Holliday, M. Steve Shackley, and Matthew E. Hill Clovis Paleoecology and Lithic Technology in the Central Rio Grande Rift Region, New Mexico. American Antiquity 78: 248-265.

2011      Huckell, Bruce B., J. David Kilby, Matthew T. Boulanger, and Michael D. Glascock Sentinel Butte: Neutron Activation Analysis of White River Group Chert from a Primary Source and Artifacts from a Clovis Cache in North Dakota, USA.  Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 965-976.