Frances M Hayashida

Director, Latin American and Iberian Institute

Photo: Frances M Hayashida


At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • Career Planning and Professionalization (ANTH 1996)
  • Current Debates in Archaeology (ANTH 579
  • Anthropological Proposal Writing (ANTH 675)
  • Archaeological Method and Theory (ANTH 1120)
  • Current Research in Anthropology: Food, Foraging, and Farming (ANTH 304)
  • South American Archaeology (ANTH 321/521)
  • Archaeology of Complex Societies (ANTH 529)


BA (with distinction), Stanford University (1984)

MA, Stanford University (1984) 

PhD, University of Michigan (1995)
Dissertation: "State Pottery Production in the Inka Provinces"


States and empires, political economy, political ecology, agriculture and water management in arid environments, ritual practices, human impacts on the environment, craft production, beer brewing, ethnohistory, ethnoarchaeology, archaeometry; Andean South America (Peru and Chile).

Recent Publications:

Hayashida, F. A. Troncoso and D. Salazar, eds.2022     Rethinking the Inka: Community, Landscape, and Empire in the Southern Andes.  University of Texas Press, Austin.Salazar, D., J. Berenguer, V. Castro, F. Hayashida, C. Parcero-Oubiña, A. Troncoso2022     Copper rich, water poor: the southern Atacama under Inka rule.  In Rethinking the Inka: Community, Landscape, and Empire in the Southern Andes, edited by F. Hayashida, A. Troncoso, and D. Salazar. University of Texas Press, Austin.Sandor, J., G. Huckleberry, F. Hayashida, C. Parcero-Oubiña, A. Troncoso, D. Salazar, and C. Ferro2022     Soils in ancient irrigated agricultural terraces in the Atacama Desert, Chile.  Geoarchaeology 37(1):96-119. de Porras, M.E., Maldonado, A., Hayashida, F.M., Troncoso A., Salazar, D., Parcero-Oubiña, 8, Castro, V.2021     Socio-environmental dynamics in the Central Atacama Desert (22°S) during the Late Holocene. Quaternary Science Reviews 267, A., D. Salazar, C. Parcero-Oubiña, F. Hayashida, P. Fábrega-Álvarez and P. Larach.2019     Maquetas incaicas en Chiu-Chiu: paisaje y ritualidad agraria en el Desierto de Atacama. Estudios Atacameños 63:3-23., F.2019     Inka  state pottery production: Insights from characterization studies on the north coast of Peru.  In Ceramics of Indigenous Cultures of South America: Production and Exchange,  edited by M. Glascock, H. Neff, and K. Vaughan.  University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.Hayashida, F.2019     Making connections in Food, Foraging, and Farming.  In Pedagogy and Practice in Heritage Studies, edited by Susan Bender and Phyllis Messenger, pp 198-212.  University of Florida Press, Gainsville.Hayashida, F. and N. Guzman2018     Leyendo el registro material del gobierno inka: Estilo, política e imperio en la costa norte del Perú.  In El Imperio Inka, edited by I. Shimada, pp. 617-652.  Fondo Editorial Pontificia Universidad Católica, Lima.