Ian Wallace

Assistant Professor
Director, Human Physical Activity Lab

Photo: Ian Wallace

Evolutionary Anthropology

At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae


BA (summa cum laude) University of Minnesota (2006) 

PhD, Stony Brook University (2013) 
Dissertation: “Physical Activity and Genetics as Determinants of Limb Bone Structure”


Human evolution, musculoskeletal biology and health, locomotor biomechanics, evolutionary medicine

Recent Publications:

2022    Wallace IJ, Kraft TS, Venkataraman VV, Davis HE, Holowka NB, Harris AR, Lieberman DE, Gurven M. Cultural variation in running techniques among non-industrial societies. Evolutionary Human Sciences 4: e14

2022    Wallace IJ, Riew GJ, Landau R, Bendele AM, Holowka NB, Hedrick TL, Konow N, Brooks DJ, Lieberman DE. Experimental evidence that physical activity inhibits osteoarthritis: implications for inferring activity patterns from osteoarthritis in archeological human skeletons. American Journal of Biological Anthropology 177: 223-231

2022    Holowka NB, Kraft TS, Wallace IJ, Gurven M, Venkataraman VV. Forest terrains influence walking kinematics among indigenous Tsimane of the Bolivian Amazon. Evolutionary Human Sciences 4: e19

2021    Kraft TS, Venkataraman VV, Wallace IJ, Crittenden AN, Holowka NB, Stieglitz J, Harris JA, Raichlen DA, Wood BM, Gurven M, Pontzer H. The energetics of uniquely human subsistence strategies. Science 374: eabf0130

2021    Holowka NB, Wallace IJ, Mathiessen A, Ojiambo RM, Okutoyi P, Worthington S, Lieberman DE. Urbanization and knee cartilage growth among children and adolescents in western Kenya. ACR Open Rheumatology 3: 765-770

2020    Wallace IJ, Burgess ML, Patel BA. Phalangeal curvature in a chimpanzee raised like a human: implications for inferring arboreality in fossil hominins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 117: 11223-11225

2020    Wallace IJ, Marsh D, Otárola-Castillo E, Billings BK, Mngomezulu V, Grine FE. Secular decline in limb bone strength among South African Africans during the 19th and 20th centuries. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 172: 492-499

2020    Lieberman DE, Mahaffey M, Cubesare Quimare S, Holowka NB, Wallace IJ, Baggish AL. Running in Tarahumara (Rarámuri) culture: persistence hunting, footracing, dancing, work, and the fallacy of the athletic savage. Current Anthropology 61: 356-379