James Boone


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Recent Courses:

  • Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 101)
  • Archaeological Method and Theory (ANTH 120)
  • Later European Prehistory (ANTH 326)
  • Topics in Archaeology: Medieval Archaeology (ANTH 420)
  • Topics in Archaeology: Iron Age Europe (ANTH 420)
  • Current Debates (ANTH 579)
  • Evolution of Sociality (ANTH 667)


BA, University of Texas at Austin (1972) 

MA, State University of New York (1977)

PhD, State University of New York, Binghamton (1980)
Dissertation: "Artifact Deposition and Demographic Change: A Case Study of Medieval Colonialism in the Age of Expansion"


Complex societies, evolutionary ecology; Europe, Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, Medieval Period.

Recent Publications:

J Boone and FS Worman, 2007. Rural Settlement and Soil Loss from the Late Roman through the Medieval Islamic Period in the Lower Alentejo of Portugal. Journal of Field Archaeology 32: 115-32.

J Boone, 2002. Subsistence Strategies and Early Human Population History: An Evolutionary Ecological Perspective. World Archaeology 34: 6-25.

J Boone and K Kramer, 2002. Why Do Intensive Agriculturalists Have Higher Fertility? A Household Labor Budget Approach. Current Anthropology 43: 511-17.

J Boone, 2000. Status Signaling, Social Power, and Lineage Survival. In M Diehl, ed., Hierarchies in Action: Qui Bono? Center for Archeological Studies: Carbondale, IL. pp. 84-110.

J Boone and NL Benco, 1999. Islamic Settlement in North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. Annual Reviews in Anthropology 28: 51-71.

J Boone and K Kessler, 1999. More Status or More Children: Social Status, Fertility Reduction, and Long-term Fitness. Evolution and Human Behavior 20: 257-77.

J Boone and EA Smith, 1998. Is It Evolution Yet?: A Critique of Evolutionary Archaeology. Current Anthropology 39: S141-S173.

J Boone, 1998. The Evolution of Magnanimity: When Is It Better to Give Than to Receive? Human Nature 9: 1-21.