Keith Hunley

Department Chair

Photo: Keith Hunley

Evolutionary Anthropology

At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • Evolution and Human Emergence (ANTH 1135)
  • Topics in Biological Anthropology: Are Races Real? (ANTH 450/550)
  • Topics in Biological Anthropology: Modern Human Origins and Prehistory (ANTH 450/550)
  • Topics in Biological Anthropology: Computer Aided Inferences in Natural Science (ANTH 450/550)
  • Anthropological Genetics (ANTH 455/555)
  • Population Genetics (ANTH 491/591)


BS, Purdue University (1980)

MA, University of Michigan, Anthropology (1996)

PhD, University of Michigan (2002)
Dissertation: “The Anthropological Utility of Genetic Data in Small-Scale Populations: Migration Rates and Patterns among the Yanomamö”


Human evolution, gene-language-coevolution, population genetics, human genetics.

Recent Publications:

  • Hunley K, Moes, Edgar H, Mosley C, Healy M, Dixon A. Colonialism, ethnogenesis, and biogeographic ancestry in the US Southwest. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. First published in Early View: 02 August 2021

  • Hunley K, Edgar H, Healy M, Mosley C. Colonialism and the co-evolution of ethnic and genetic structure in New Mexico. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 171: 509-519. 2020

  • Healy H, Edgar H, Mosley Carmen, Hunley K*. Associations between ethnic identity, regional history, and genomic ancestry in New Mexicans of Spanish-speaking descent. Biodemography and Social Biology. 64(2): 152-170. 2018

  • Hunley K, Edgar H, Healy M, Mosley C, Cabana G, West F. Social identity in New Mexicans of Spanish-speaking descent highlights limitations of using standardized ethnic terminology in research. Human Biology. 89(3):217-228. 2017

  • Healy ME, Hill D, Berwick M, Edgar H, Gross J, Hunley K. Social-Group Identity and Population Substructure in Admixed Populations in New Mexico and Latin America. PLOS ONE 12(10): e0185503. 2017. Link to article

  • Hunley K, Cabana G. Beyond serial founder effects: the impact of admixture and localized gene flow on patterns of regional genetic diversity. Human Biology. 88(3): 2017. Link to article

  • Hunley KL, Cabana GS, Long JC. The apportionment of human diversity revisited. Am. J. Phys. Anthropol. 160, 561–569. 2016. Link to article