Osbjorn Pearson


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Archaeology,  Evolutionary Anthropology

At UNM since 
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Recent Courses:

  • Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 101)
  • Evolution and Human Emergence (ANTH 150)
  • Human Evolution Laboratory (ANTH 151L)
  • Human Biology (ANTH 350)
  • Anthropology of the Human Skeleton (ANTH 351)
  • Human Origins (ANTH 357)
  • Paleoanthropology (ANTH 457/557)
  • Reconstructing Life from the Skeleton (ANTH 458)
  • Inferring Behavior from the Skeleton (ANTH 556)
  • Seminar (co-taught with Dr. L. Straus) - The Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition (ANTH 577)
  • Seminar (co-taught with Dr. L. Straus) - European Prehistory: The Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition (ANTH 577)


BA, University of Texas at Austin, Anthropology (1990)

MA, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Anthropological Sciences (1995)

PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook (1997)
Dissertation: “Postcranial Morphology and the Origin of Modern Humans”


Paleoanthropology, origin of modern humans, skeletal biology, functional morphology, quantitative methods; Africa, Europe

Recent Publications:

O Pearson, 2008. Statistical and Biological Definitions of ‘Anatomically Modern’ Humans: Suggestions for an Integrated Approach to Modern Morphology. Evolutionary Anthropology 17: 38-48.

KJ Carlson, FE Grine and O Pearson, 2007. Robusticity and Sexual Dimorphism in the Postcranium of Modern Hunter-Gatherers from Australia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 134: 9-23.

TE Hanson and O Pearson, 2007. Fitting MANOVA Models with Missing Continuous Data Using Reference Priors. Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation 36: 621-30.

J Baker and O Pearson, 2006. Statistical Methods in Bioarchaeology: Applications of Ageadjustment and Logistic Regression to Comparisons of Skeletal Populations with Differing Agestructures. Journal of Archaeological Science 33: 218-26.

YM Lam and O Pearson, 2005. Bone Density Studies and the Interpretation of the Faunal Record. Evolutionary Anthropology 14: 99-108.

YM Lam and O Pearson, 2004. The Fallibility of Bone Density Values and Their Use in Archaeological Analyses. Journal of Taphonomy 2: 99-115.

O Pearson and DE Lieberman, 2004. The Aging of Wolff’s ‘Law’: Ontogeny and Responses to Mechanical Loading in Cortical Bone. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology 47: 63-99.

O Pearson, 2004. Has the Combination of Genetic and Fossil Data Solved the Riddle of the Origin of Modern Humans? Evolutionary Anthropology 13: 145-59.

DE Lieberman, O Pearson, JD Polk, B Demes and AW Crompton, 2003. Optimization of Bone Growth and Remodeling in Response to Loading in Tapered Mammalian Limbs. Experimental Biology 206: 3125-38.

DE Lieberman, MJ Devlin and , 2001. Articular Surface Area Responses to Mechanical Loading: Effects of Exercise, Age, and Skeletal Location. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 116: 266-77.