Wirt Wills

Professor and Regents' Lecturer
Director, Chaco Canyon Archaeological Research Lab

Photo: Wirt Wills


At UNM since 
Curriculum vitae

Recent Courses:

  • Introduction to Archaeological Method and Theory (ANTH 120)
  • World Prehistory (ANTH 220)
  • Southwest Archaeology (ANTH 321)
  • Field School (ANTH 375)
  • Seminar in Chaco Archaeology (ANTH 420/520)
  • Field Methods in Archaeology (ANTH 475/573L)
  • Current Debates in Archaeology (ANTH 579)


MA, University of Michigan (1980)

PhD, University of Michigan (1985)
Dissertation: “Early Agriculture in the Mogollon Highlands of New Mexico”


Foraging and early farming societies, economic organization, religion and emergent social complexity, 19th-century Spanish colonial archaeology; US Southwest.

Recent Publications:

2018 The Complex History of Pueblo Bonito and Its Interpretation. Patricia L. Crown and W. H. Wills. Antiquity Vol. 92(364):890-904.  Special Issue.

2018 Stable Oxygen Isotope Sourcing of Archaeological Fauna from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.  Hamilton, M., B. L. Drake, W. H. Wills, E. Jones, C. Conrad and P. L. Crown. American Antiquity 83 (1):163-175.

2017 Water Management and the Political Economy of Chaco Canyon During the Bonito Phase (ca. AD 850 to 1200). Kiva: The Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History 83:369-413.

2016 Water Management at Pueblo Bonito: Evidence from the National Geographic Society Trenches. W.H. Wills, David E. Love, Susan J. Smith, Karen R. Adams, Manuel R. Palacios-Fest, Wetherbee B. Dorshow, Beau G. Murphy, Hannah V. Mattson, and Patricia L. Crown American Antiquity 81(3):449-470

2014 Prehistoric Deforestation at Chaco Canyon? W.H. Wills, Brandon L. Drake, and Wetherbee B. Dorshow Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(32):11584-11591.