Laboratory of Ceramic Analysis

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Dr. Patricia Crown
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Crown lab

The Laboratory for Ceramics Analysis provides space and resources for undergraduate and graduate student, as well as faculty, research.  The wet lab has equipment for conducting experimental research with geological clays, including a drying oven, two small oxidizing furnaces, rock saws, and a range of small tools.  The imaging lab has a polarizing microscope with video camera, binocular microscope, laser scanner, thin section scanner, and computers.  A separate room with a fume hood permits prepping of samples for residue analysis.  Over the last decades, significant research projects conducted in this lab include the discovery of cacao residues in Chacoan ceramics, analysis of over 200,000 artifacts from Pueblo Bonito, studies of clay resource selection in times of violence, how part-time crafts specialization is reflected in ceramic vessels, the scale of communities of practice among the Maya, and whether cooking vessel shape reflects mobility strategies.  Faculty and students working in the lab have garnered over $650,000 in NSF and NEH funding since 2007.


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