Graduate Scholarships & Awards

In addition to the internal Anthropology awards below, the department also facilitates numerous fellowships for graduate students across the UNM campus listed in the UNM Anthropology Graduate Funding Guide.

Anthropology Dissertation Fellowship 

Due to the generosity of an anonymous donor, a fellowship of $27,000 is provided to a doctoral student who has completed their research and will write and defend their dissertation within a year of the award date.  Anthropology graduate students in any of the three subfields, Ethnology, Archaeology, and Evolutionary Anthropology are eligible for consideration. Dissertation projects that reflect interdisciplinary approaches in anthropology, and/or are oriented toward policy implications of anthropological research are especially welcomed. The award competition is announced by the Graduate Committee Director during the spring term.

Anthropology Research Development Award

Provides $500 per subfield to students for graduate research in Anthropology, dependent on funding availablility.

Anthropology Graduate Student Travel Award

Provides up to $500 in travel funding to present reearch at conferences and to attend professional meetings.  Two awards per subfield per year, dependent on funding availability.

David E. Stuart Scholarship for Graduate Studies & Public Anthropology

The Stuart Scholarship is given to a graduate student who has demonstrated excellence and made a commitment to Public Anthropology. Dr. Stuart earned his PhD at UNM, has served as Associate Provost, and is a current faculty member in Anthropology.

Frank C. Hibben Fellowship Program

The Department of Anthropology and the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology provide a fellowship program to support graduate education in anthropology at the University of New Mexico.  The Hibben Fellowship program, named for and endowed by the late Dr. Frank C. Hibben, an archaeologist who was a professor of Anthropology and former Director of the Maxwell Museum, consists of annual awards of varying amounts designed to support student education, research and dissertation work. 

Frank J. Broilo, Harry W. and Margaret Basehart Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Awarded annually to a first or second year full time ethnology or archaeology graduate student in good standing. The award honors Frank Broilo, the first Department of Contract Archaeology director, and Harry Basehart, Professor Emeritus until his death in 1988 and the Department’s Journal of Anthropological Research editor, 1962 to 1974 and 1981 to 1982, as well as Margaret Basehart. Provides a $500 award.

Frieda D. Butler Scholarship

The Frieda D. Butler scholarship is given annually to honor the memory of Mrs. Butler whose grandson, Dr. Richard A. Barrett, is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology. The recipient, an outstanding master’s level student, delivers a public lecture at the annual AGSU Symposium.

Harvey C. & Sarah Moore Endowed Fellowship

This fund was established in 2013 to honor the lives of Harvey C. and Sarah M. Moore. Dr. Moore graduated in 1950 and taught at American University. This fellowship is for recruitment and support of incoming graduate students.

Joseph Powell Anthropology Endowment Fund

The purpose of this endowment is to support Evolutionary Anthropology graduate student reserach on the topic of human and non-human primate biological variation and behavioral ecology, both past and present. Provides a $500 award.

Karl H Schwerin Graduate Fellowship in Ethnology

The Karl H. Schwerin Graduate Fellowship was established in 1998 to support deserving graduate students who are successfully pursuing a course of study in ethnology, cultural anthropology, or social anthropology. Preference is given to students based on scholastic ability and research potential, and those who have not begun doctoral research or received other support. Provides a $500 award.

Linda Cordell Endowed Graduate Scholarship

The Linda Cordell Endowed Scholarship was established in 2014 to honor our former department Chair and faculty member who conducted innovative archaeological research in the Southwest and mentored a generation of graduate students. This award will be made annually to a graduate student pursuing dissertation research in Archaeology.

Louise Lamphere Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies Public Policy Fellowship

This fellowship is awarded annually to a student in the Ethnology program who is at the stage of conducting fieldwork or writing their dissertation. Provides a $10,000 stipend.

New Mexico Folklore Scholars Endowment

Awarded biannually to a graduate student with an exceptional record, is involved in some investigative research and writing in the area of New Mexico Folklore that is part of a larger project such as an honors paper or graduate thesis, and who can deliver a public lecture at the annual AGSU Symposium. Provides awards up to $400 dependent on funding availability.

Ruth E. Kennedy Award

The Ruth E. Kennedy Award provides a stipend for an outstanding doctoral candidate in Anthropology who presents a public lecture at the annual AGSU symposium. Provides up to a $500 award depending on funding availability.